A 25-YEAR-OLD woman of Mount Makulu in Chilanga has divorced her husband of five years in the Boma Local Court alleging that he was involved with many other women.

In this case, Mary Phiri sued Modern Malambo, 48 seeking divorce because she had never lived in peace in her marriage.

Phiri told Senior Local Court Magistrate Petronella Kalyelye that she wanted a divorce because her marriage had failed to work.

“Our marriage started as an elopement. He got me from home and took me where he used to stay in Kafue. He told me not to be coming out of the house except when he’s around. I just used to stay hidden in the house, “Two weeks later we shifted. A woman came home and welcomed herself in the house. I thought maybe she was my in law. She asked if I was a maid and was very surprised when I told her I was ba Malambo’s wife. She said he told her he stays with his maid,” Phiri said.

She said the lady introduced herself as Malambo’s wife and told her he has eight children and not the three he told her about.

She said the lady also told her she was the fifth woman he married and that he still visited her and one of his other ex-wives.

“She told me if I want a sensible marriage, I should find someone else and that I should go for VCT because my husband was a womaniser.

“She even told me the whole family of my husband knows me as the maid he stays with. I was so hurt that I packed my bags and left,” she said.

She was later reconciled with her husband but another woman started calling and insulting her but Malambo told her to ignore her.  She left him again and went to her parents and the woman continued calling her to insult her, sometimes she would even use Malambo’s phone to call her and insult her.

“I reconciled again with him after he came pleading. Another woman that I’ve never met started coming home and she’s even currently home as we speak.

“I confronted my husband and all he said was ‘ine ndine hule mukulu, ninga chite venifuna’. He even refused me to go complain to his relatives,” she said. In defence Malambo did not deny all the allegations but told the court that there were problems in their marriage because his wife failed to accept his children.

“She also used to talk to this man on the phone and we fought over the same. One time I found charms on the bed with instructions on how to use them,” he said.

The court found that there were a lot of matrimonial disputes between the two and lack of proper communication. The court granted the couple divorce.

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