THE Boma Local court in Lusaka has thrown out a case in which a woman of Makeni accused her former boss of ruining her name by calling her a thief.

This is in a matter in which Priscilla Mulenga, 28 sued Charles Mwila, 32, of Zingalume fo0r compensation for calling her a thief

Mulenga told senior local court magistrate Petronella Kalyelye that she wanted Mwila to compensate her for calling her a thief and tarnishing her name in the market.

“I started working for Mwila in August when we opened a bar. I sold and usually removed a little for lunch and transport,

 “One day he just came into the bar and closed the doors. He asked me how much I made and where the other money was, I had a K90 and K130 in the account, which he told me to keep as I look for the other money,” she said.

She said the next day, she found the bar locked and Mwila had the keys, and that started her problems started.

 “The next day I went in the market I just heard ‘eh unaba ndrama!’ people in the market think I’m a thief because of him. I just want him to tell me which money I stole because he even tore the book we used to record in the sales,” she said.

In defence Mwila told the court that he employed Mulenga to run his bar because she had some experience in business, but he did not make profits because she failed to account for about K1, 600 from the time she started working for him.

“At first she gave me K200, the whole week passed and she didn’t give me any money. The second week, she sent me K250. The other week I did not go to the bar and I asked her if there was any money, she told me she wanted to order beer but she did not,

 “I went to the bar and found she even got rid of the book she used to record the sales in. she had a new book in which she only recorded two sales. She told me the first book got stolen and when I asked her where the money was because the beer was sold, she told me she made only K530,” he said.

He then told Mulenga it was better for him to close the bar because out of the money that was supposed to be made, she only gave him K450 instead of K1, 600, which made him run at a loss.

And because Mulenga failed to provide proper evidence her claim was thrown out.

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