A BUSINESSWOMAN of Chazanga has divorced her husband of 29 years at the Boma Local Court after they had been on separation for almost 13 years.

This was in a case in which Yvonne Ngoma, 38, took Ignatius Machuka, 52, a businessman of Kitwe to court for divorce.

Ngoma told senior local court magistrate Mukuka Ng’andu that she wanted a legal divorce because they had been on separation for too long.

 “We got married in 1990 in Kitwe. When we moved to Lusaka that’s when we started having problems. I was the one supporting the home and paying rentals. He put his relatives in our house in Kitwe which we bought together without consulting me.

“We’ve been on separation since 2007 and during this time, he has married and divorced and married someone else. He hasn’t been helping me with money and insults me over the phone.

“The children are used to staying in Kitwe but they are usually here with me because his wife doesn’t like them,” Ngoma said.

But in defence Machuka told the court that his wife was still welcome as he was still waiting for her.

He did not want a divorce despite the long separation and him marrying someone else.

“I’m still waiting for her to come home. She had a boyfriend where she used to do business. One time when I was in Kitwe, our child told me my wife left home for three days.

“When I asked her she said she went for a funeral which turned out to be a lie.

“She stopped allowing me to touch her phone and I once found messages that showed me that she had even gone on a honeymoon with the same boyfriend. We argued over the same and she told me to never touch her phone again,” Machuka said.

He said the other time he discovered that she had shifted with all their things to her new house where she refused to open for him.

 “She told me if I ever step a foot in that house I would die and she would throw me in the sewer tank,” he said.

The court found that the marriage ended a long time ago and did not waste time but granted divorce.

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