Chelstone Local Court - Picture by LUCY PHIRI


A 49-YEAR-OLD man of Diamondale Farms has been fined K1, 000 in the Chelstone local court for constructive adultery.

This is in a case in which Jonathan Mumba, 31 sued Kashotela Kaseba, 49, of the same area for attempting to have sex with his wife.

Mumba told Presiding Magistrate Kennedy Mutale that Kaseba had been going out with his wife and he even bought her a handbag.

“I have been hearing rumours all over the community that Kaseba bought a hand bag for my wife, and when, I asked him to confirm what I have been hearing he admitted buying my wife a handbag,

“We sat as a committee to talk about the issue and it advised me to go to court. He further said that he did not catch him red handed but used to hear from the community which was shocking,’’ he said.

In defence Kaseba denied the allegation saying he has never committed adultery before in his life.

“We work together with his wife, and I did not buy a handbag for her instead she called me to say her friend was selling handbags and I should buy for my wife and I said that Idid not have money,’’ he told court.

Kaseba said he accepted the allegation because Mumba threatened to kill him with a knife.

 “I accepted because I was put under pressure and was beaten, so to ease the matter I accepted the accusations,” he said

And key witness Mumba’s wife Royce 25, said Kaseba did not buy any handbag for her instead she got tablecloths using her money.

“I know him as my workmate and we just chat nothing more and he has never proposed to me,’’ she said.

And another witness said Kaseba had been bringing relish to her so that she gave her friend Royce but the latter refused to accept the relish.

Upon hearing from both sides, the court upheld the claim of constructive adultery.

It said Kaseba did not actually commit the act but was in the process of doing so.

Magistrate Mutale ordered Kaseba to compensate Mumba with K1, 000 as a deterrent to his ill-intended acts of adultery, and the money should be paid on September 30.

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