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A PHONE repairer has been ordered to fix a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone within 30 days, after keeping the gadget in his custody for one year.

The court has further described the repairer as dishonest after denying ever knowing a client who was demanding his phone be repaired.

In this matter, Voster Siyampolomba. 29, a resident of Lubuto Township wanted the Kabushi Local Court to order Abdul Kabwe 37, who owns a phone repairing shop in Ndola, to repair his phone.

Siyampolomba told the court that on August 24, this year, he took his Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Kabwe’s shop for repair and was charged K380,  which he paid.

“After I gave him the K380, he told me to get back after some time to collect the phone, but after I went back he told me to see him the following week, saying had to look for a screen. When I went to see him the third time on a Monday, he again told me Friday,” Siyampolomba complained. He told the court that since then Kabwe had been giving him different dates and does not pay attention to him and treats him like he was not aware of the issue.

“All I want is for him to fix my phone. It’s been a year now the last time I went to his shop he chased me. When I took him to the police he did not show up that’s why I decided to sue him. This man is a crook he must give me back my phone,” he said. But Kabwe denied the accusations and told the court that he did not know Siyampolomba and had never met him before. “I am not aware of this issue he is talking about and have never had such a client before. I am sure he has mistaken for someone else. The only time I met him is when he came to my shop last week telling me that I was keeping his phone,” Kabwe said.

But Senior Magistrate Agnes Muswema sitting with Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizye ordered Kabwe to repair siyampolomba’s phone within 30 days.

“Do you think Siyampolomba can just pick you of all the people who repair phones in town?  You are not honest. You said earlier that you did not know the man but again you have said he came to your shop.

“We have found you with a case if you have sold that phone you better find the same type of phone and give it back to court on the 2nd of December 2019 without fail,” Ms Muswema said.

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