A LUSAKA woman of Marapodi Township has lost bid to reconcile with husband who has denied responsibility of her pregnancy and stopped making love to her.

This was in a case in which Agnes Nayawa, 28 sued her husband Mathews Nayawa, 33 a driver for marriage reconciliation after separating for three days.

Nayawa married Agnes in 2014 after paying dowry and they have three children.

Agnes told Matero Local Court Senior Magistrate Pauline Newa that Nayawa did not like her two children from her previous marriage.

She said Nayawa beat her and that when she conceived he denied responsibility and said that she got the pregnancy during her father’s funeral. 

She said her husband stopped making love to her when she was five months pregnant saying he wanted to marry another woman.

‘”Nayawa refused to buy clothes for the baby and I reported him to police Victim Support Unit but he is paying for his girlfriend’s college. Children stopped going to school and Nayawa just pays house rentals and buys a bag of mealie meal,” Agnes said.

In defence, Nayawa said he takes the children of his boss to school and functions but Agnes suspected that he has a girlfriend and that at one time she locked him outside the house subjecting him to sleep at the funeral.

He said Agnes started getting annoyed and couldn’t wash his clothes and couldn’t prepare water for bathing.

“Agnes hid my driver’s licence and I have been suspended at work for two weeks and I don’t want to reconcile with her,” Nayawa said.

But Agnes said she suspect it was his girlfriend who took his driver’s licence where he left his top.

In her submission, Agnes said that she was tired of Nayawa because he chased her and he did like her children adding that he often insulted her..

Nayawa too said he did not want to reconcile with Agnes because she wanted to stab him with a knife.

The court ruled a failed reconciliation because both Agnes and Nayawa did not want to reconcile.

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