THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has ordered a salesman of Chalala to settle his K10, 500 virginity damage balance.

This was a case in which Leya Chipepa, 61, of Makeni sued William Ngoma, 40, of Chalala for not settling the balance after he damaged her daughter’s virginity 10 years ago.

Ms Chipepa told senior local court magistrate Gastone Kalala that when her daughter fell pregnant in 2010, and Ngoma was charged K13, 000 of which he paid K2, 500.

“He has been quiet from then. My husband approached him in 2017 to discuss on how the rest of the money would be paid,

“As grandparents of the child, we are getting old and because he hasn’t been committed, we had to seek the courts help,” she said.

Chipepa said while in Zimbabwe authorities gave her six weeks in which to register the birth of the child.

“Ngoma was contacted but he didn’t come. We asked for his identity card which was unavailable so we named the child,” Chipepa said.

In defence Ngoma admitted the matter and told the court that he was still very committed to pay the balance.

“After we paid the K2, 500, I fell sick and couldn’t walk for a year and some months. Because of that my small business collapsed and I started struggling financially,

“I was told the child has to enrol in school and I was still settling medical bills while paying school fees. I promised that by this year if my business gets better I will pay the balance,” Ngoma said.

The court found that even though Ngoma has shown commitment as he has been paying school fees for the child, the balance still needed to be paid for virginity damage.

Magistrate Kalala ordered him to pay the money in K500 instalments starting this month end.

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