THE hunt for infamous fugitive banker Pamela Gondwe who disappeared with US$400,000 cash and other currencies belonging to her employer, Barclays Bank Zambia, and whose whereabouts remain known, is dragging on.

Since the news of her haul flooded the local media and sparked a storm of posting on social media platforms the trail seems to have gone cold.  

But police spokesperson Esther Katongo, who was reluctant to comment on the matter, said the search for Pamela was still on.

Ms Katongo said the Zambian police had placed Pamela on the Interpol watch list to ensure that using its wider network the fugitive banker could be traced and arrested.

She said she was restrained to comment further because the bank reported the matter to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and not police when the alleged theft happened.

“The matter is for DEC. I feel they are better placed to comment. But as for tracking her, the search is still on,” Ms Katongo said.

But reacting to online social media reports suggesting that Pamela was stuck in Malaga City in Spain after her Ghanaian lover disappeared with her loot, DEC said the reports were not true.

DEC public relations officer Theresa Katongo told the Sun in an interview that Pamela was still at large.

Ms Katongo, however, said the commission was still investigating the case and reports that Pamela was stuck in a Spain were just mere speculations.

“These are mere speculations on social media. DEC is still investigating the case,” she said.

The elusive Pamela, who authored a book titled ‘Tears in a Suitcase’, is alleged to have made away not only US$400,000 but also took €22,000 and £1,200 in the suitcase.

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