A WOMAN of Zani Muone West has divorced her husband of one year in the Boma Local Court after she got tired of him continuously telling her she has a poverty stricken background.

Queenpatra Mubanga, 28, who took Enock Mbao, 28 of Vauna Valley told senior local court magistrate Peggy Nyambe that her husband did not respect her and was always telling her off.

Mubanga told the court that she and her husband had been on separation for a month.

“We had our ups and downs but when we shifted to Meanwood area he always talked about how I came from a poor family. He told me I only learnt about a flushing toilet when I was with him because I only knew pit latrines,

“One time I told him to take me back to my mother and he told me ‘sininga yende kwanu kwama vuto’. He then reminded me I was skinny before I married him and only gained weight after the ‘good living’ with him,” she said.

She said her husband never gave her enough money to buy groceries and was forced to use her own money otherwise she would not have peace.

“He doesn’t respect me because when he gets drunk he starts to play very loud music and I can’t complain because when I say anything he says ‘sikwaba tate bako’. I just want a divorce because I need peace,” she said.

In defence Mbao told the court that he wanted a divorce too and was not willing to reconcile because his in laws did not like him.

“When we have conflicts, it’s not only me who talks, we exchange words and she also says bad things to me. She doesn’t keep our issues between us but and takes them out of the house which affects the marriage,” he said.

The court found that there was unreasonable behavior in the marriage and granted the couple divorce.

Magistrate Nyambe also ordered the two to share the 10 goats equally that they acquired together in their marriage.

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