AS Lusaka’s heat wave intensifies, some residents have resorted to selling ice blocks, commonly known as freezits, as a means of earning a living.

Some residents interviewed by the Sun, said though the earnings from the freezits sales were not much, they still enabled them be able to pay rent, feed their families and send their children to school.

Erica Tembo, a resident of Kanyama Compound, says she decide to tke advantage of the current hot weather to make some money through selling freezits.

Ms Tembo, a divorcee, said she has been selling freezits for the past four years and that she earns a partly K20 from the business every day.

She says she uses the profits from her freezit business to pay rentals and to take care of her two children.

“The only way I survive and be able to look after my children is by selling freezits at the market,” she said.

“I have been selling the freezits ever since my husband left me. He does not support the children and I have to do everything I could to feed them and send them to school,” she said.

“The money I make after selling freezits is my only source of income, but it has been helping me somehow,” Ms Tembo said.

Another Kanyama resident who is earning a living through selling freezits, is 34-year-old Grace Zimba.

She says, she decided to take advantage of the current hot climatic conditions to make some money through selling freezits.

“The demand for freezits is very high these days, sometimes, I am able to order them several times in a day because of high demand,” she said.

“The profit is not so much but I am able to take care of my children from the profits I make,” Ms Zimba said.

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