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A SOLWEZI teacher who forgot to pay pregnancy damage fees has been dragged to a local court by the father of the girl.

Kenneth Sebente sued Reuben Mutale for deflowering and impregnating his daughter Precious in 2014.

Mr Sebente told Magistrate Maureen Chindumba sitting with magistrate Davies Kyanuwela that Mutale was taking long to pay for the damages he did.

He said it was in 2014 when he impregnated his daughter he was charged K10, 000 and he paid only K2, 000 and got married elsewhere after he became a teacher.

He told that court that it was good decision made in the past to accept responsibility and support the child but he had forgotten about the pregnancy damage fee.

“I summoned Mutale five years ago after my daughter said he was responsible for the pregnancy and he came with his elders. They accepted the responsibility and made a down payment of K2,000 after they were charged K10, 000 but to my surprise after paying K2, 000 they went quiet,” he said.

Magistrate Chindumba asked Mutale what he had to say about the case and he acknowledged that it was his child.

He said he had not forgotten but was putting funds together to pay the family of his child’s mother.

“I will pay. I have not forgotten it’s just that I am committed to paying for my tuition fees because I fend for myself. I will pay the money with time”, he said.

Magistrate Chindumba ordered Mutale to refund costs by compensating Mr Sebente with K8, 000 in monthly instalments of K500 effective October 30.

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