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A 34 –YEAR -old carpenter told the Choma Magistrates Court that he wanted to use the Television set and wifi router he stole at his home before he was slapped with 3 years imprisonment with hard labour for burglary and theft.

This was in a case in which Maxwell Mabena pleaded guilty to burglary and theft charge Principal Resident Magistrate Exnobert Zulu. Particulars of the offence are that Mabena on October 13 in Choma broke into Mr Boyd Musozya’s house and stole one Plasma Television set, a Laptop, wifi router, among others, all valued at K18,180.

Court: Accused, do you understand the charge?

Mabena: I understand

Court: Did you commit this offence?

Mabena: Yes

Court: Did you take the property?

Mabena?  Yes

Court:  Was it yours?

Mabena: No

Court: Did the owner allow you?

Mabena: No

Court: Did you have any claim of right?

Mabena: No

Court: What did you intend to do with the property

Mabena: I wanted to use them at home.

Court: How did you gain entry?

Mabena: I used a wire and hooked the locking system to open.

Court: What time was it?

Mabena: Around midnight.

According to facts read by Public Prosecutor Coillard Sikwalulwa the Mabena led the officers to his house where numerous household goods were recovered.

Court: Have your understood the Facts?

Mabena: Yes I have

Court: Are the facts true and correct?

Mabena: Yes

Mabena: I am asking for lenience, I have 3 school-going children and their mother died in a road accident. I am also on ART.

Court: When did your wife die?

Mabena: Last year

Court: Before you committed this offence?

Mabena: Yes

Court: So why didn’t you think of all this before committing the offence?

Mabena: I was not reasoning properly.

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