A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Ng’ombe Township wept at the Boma Local Court after efforts to reconcile with her husband who she initially sued for divorce failed.

This was a case in which Julia Siakalima, 27, took Brian Nyambe, an immigration officer, to court for reconciliation.

Siakalima told senior local court magistrate Juliet Mwila that they got married in 2016 and problems started the following year.

“My husband became unfaithful and started proposing his childhood friend Limpo. She would call him any time even at 03:00 and they would speak in Lozi so I don’t follow their conversations. Later I found messages he wrote to her in his phone saying ‘I lost my mum and  it is you that I love’,

“When I finally managed to talk to her, she told me my husband told her he was not married. My husband later changed her name in his phone to ‘Annie’ and continued chatting with her. When I confronted him he said it was because of ‘libido’. I forgave him,” Ms Siakalima said.

She went to Kabwe to write her GCE exams, and her husband put a video of Limpo on his status and carried two TV sets from their house by claiming he was going to a lodge in Lusaka. When she wanted to follow him, he got upset

“In front of his relatives, he refused to delete Limpo’s number and they told me to endure.,

“ He wrote me a letter saying our marriage has ended. He packed my stuff and brought me and our sick child to Lusaka and left us,” she said,”

She however told the court that she still wanted her husband.

In defence Nyambe told the court that he saw his wife’s true colors after they got married and every after any misunderstanding, she would attempt to commit suicide.

“One time she locked me in the bedroom so that I couldn’t stop her suicide plans, she gathered all the medicines in the house and took it. But I removed them from her mouth in good time. She attempts suicide out of accusations where there is even no proof,

“She told me she would write a letter and give her relatives then commit suicide. She said if the letter reaches the police, I would rot in prison. I told her if she wanted to kill herself, she should do it from her mother’s house so that I wouldn’t be blamed,” he said

The court granted the divorce and ordered Nyambe to compensate Siakalima with K6, 000.


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