A 57 year old witchdoctor of Chashi Village in Chongwe has appeared in Chongwe Magistrates Court for assaul.

Kelvin Musumuko appeared before Magistrate Masiyaleti Sinvula for assaulting Agness Phiri of the same village.

Particulars of the matter are that, on October 14, Musumuko went to Ms Phiri’s h0use  where he called her a witch and hit her with a stone which was packed in a plastic bag with some unknown herbs.

Ms Phiri told the court that she did not know the accused before the incident.

She said Musumuko had bragged that he had been sent by his brother who had collected protection charms from him.

Ms Phiri’s niece told the court that, she did not witness the assault, but that, the victim was not injured when the two rivals went running to her home.

“They both came running to my house and the accused was shouting, “Witch, witch,” but my aunt was very fine and not injured although I later heard that she claimed otherwise,” she told the court.

There was laughter in the court when the witness said that, she heard the two exchanging words over an allegation that, the witchdoctor killed the victim’s lizard and caused her chest pains.

During cross examination, Musumuko claimed that, he did not admit the charge at the police station although the police detective claimed so.

This raised eyebrows as the prosecution team seemed not too sure about the warm and caution statement before the magistrate intervened. 

The court later heard that, the accused had indeed signed the document that was brought before court.

Laughter characterised the court proceedings as the case took several twists until the accused admitted signing the warn and caution statement. The court was on several times called to order due to unending laughter.

The accused however, claimed that, he was just asked to sign a paper whose contents he did not know, but police asked him to sign it because it was a docket before he was taken to Kenneth Kaunda Airport police.

The court found Musumuko with a case to answer and put him on his defence.

The matter was adjourned to December 16 for mention and December 26 for defence.

The accused is remanded in custody awaiting mention and defence after failing to meet bail conditions.

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