THE selling or buying of pre-registered SIM cards is a punishable offence, says Zambian Information Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) communications manager Ngabo Nankonde.

Ms Nankonde said after the announcement of taking pictures during SIM registration of applicants, ZICTA had further warned the public to avoid buying pre-registered SIM cards.

In an interview with the Sun, Ms Nankonde said the process of SIM registration with picture evidence that was launched on September 1 was going to protect people from involving themselves in crime.

She said it was going to stop people from engaging in criminal activities because the pictorial identity would easily expose them to the law.

Ms Nankonde also said the process was not invading people’s privacy, as many people were already using their passes just like ATM cards.

ZICTA has since warned of stiff punishment against agents that would be involved in the illegal sale of  pre-registered SIM cards.

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