Kanyama residents appeal for more police presence …to help curb rising criminal activities in the area




Some residents of New Kanyama Compound in Lusaka have called for intensified police patrols in the area especially in the evenings because that is when criminal activities increase.

The residents talked to by the Sun said that there was need for heavy police presence in the area following increased criminal activities.

One of the residents Adamson Chirwa said that the compound was no-go area especially in the evenings due to intensified criminal activities.

“It becomes so scary to move about in the evening and sometimes people are attacked during the day. What we need is serious police presence.

“We fail to move freely especially in the places near Chibolya because that part is the most dangerous to use any tine of the day. Women and girls are easy targets for these criminals,’’ Mr. Chirwa said.

He said that even in their homes they did not have peace because burglars always force- open their houses to steal household properties.

He complained that children’s lives too were not secure because they sometimes came back with reports of some strange people passing derogatory comments on them.

Another resident, Martha Ilunga said that women and girls were intentionally provoked by criminals who sometimes beat them up or threatened to be killed if they answered back to their insults.

“Bamatiyambila dala elo tikakambako olo kuyankha bamatiuza ati bazakatipaya olo kuti menya chabe (They deliberately provoke us and when we try to defend ourselves they threaten to kill us or beat us up),’’ Ms. Ilunga said.

She also complained that when they reported the matter to the police, the gangs ran to Chibolya compound to hide because the place was a no go area for the police.

However assistant police public relations officer Rae Hamoonga said that police would not hesitate to arrest anyone found wanting because no one was above the law.

He said that police can go anywhere at any time to ensure sanity regardless of how dangerous they area may seem to be.


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