Sport psychology crucial-expert




SPORT psychology is very important because it plays a very big role when it comes to getting desirable results from athletes and a team, Zambian Institute of Sport (ZIS) acting director Dr Richard Salunoka has said.

Salunoka said to that effect ZIS would tomorrow hold a workshop on sports psychology at the Olympic Youth Development Center (OYDC) in Lusaka.

“You would find that most of the games that we win are at home but when we go play away, we lose because we haven’t prepared ourselves psychologically and hence the importance of this symposium,” he said.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun, Salunoka said the institute was targeting sports administrators, coaches, national sports associations and federations and NGOs that had ventured into sports.

He said the symposium was set to attract between 35 to 40 participants.

“We are having this symposium in the sense that in the first place, Zambia used to be a powerhouse of sports years back but at the moment, we are a letdown in terms of sports and performances but we can attribute this to issues of psychology,” Dr Salunoka said.

Salunoka said the idea was to simply cultivate and train locals and empower them with professional tools that they needed to enhance sport development.

“We thought by having this symposium on sport psychology, it is going to help quite a lot because of the teams in the different sports disciplines in Zambia at the moment have also failed to deliver. This is going to add a lot of value,” Salunoka said.


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