‘Women should go full throttle’


Women with capacity must ensure they tap into available opportunities for them to be role models to those who do not have the zeal, the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)has said.

YWCA Copperbelt coordinate Sharon Chisanga said in an interview that women should tap into available opportunities and that it takes those with capacity to be role models to other women.

She said it was saddening to see women with capacities being so reluctant in taking up decision-making positions.

Ms Chisanga said it was important for those with capacities to lead the way so that others could follow.

“Government must come up with deliberate motivation that would enhance women’s participation in developmental projects, technology and key subjects such as engineering, mathematics and science,” she said.

Ms Chisanga said it was time that women drifted away from the usual business and come up with innovative ways of tapping in the areas of profession perceived to be exclusively for the men.

She said women should be fully involved in the new phenomenon of technology for them to understand the evolving world of technology.

“When we look at Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases, most of them arise from poor use of technology where someone is on social media and the husband or wife finds messages as a result they tend to be violent,” she said.

She said only when women were fully involved, trained and acquire the skill could Zambia see the reduction in GBV cases.


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