Prostitutes invade Chirundu




RESIDENTS of Chirundu district are furious over the increasing number of prostitutes that have suddenly poured into the district.

One of the concerned residents, Ms Tionge Banda, of High Cost area said it was sad and embarrassing to see young women walking around the streets almost naked.

She said the prostitutes did not respect   anyone in the area as they answered back rudely each time someone tried to advise them to dress decently.

Ms Banda said the prostitutes believed to be coming from Kafue and Lusaka, were camped at a named guest house and targeting the rising number of international truck drivers destined for DR Congo whose trucks were waiting to be cleared by ZRA.

She suggested that Zambia police and the council should work together and arrest anyone found indecently dressed in public and close any lodge   used as a camp for prostitutes or as a brothel.

She has charged that the prostitutes that came to Chirundu were   tarnishing the image of the district as if the district had legalized prostitution.

She further said that poverty should not be an excuse for some women to expose their nakedness in public and charged that it was the reason why there was a high rate of HIV infection in the district.

Ms Banda said she was furious because the presence of prostitutes was now causing confusion in marriages and contributing to deterioration in morals.

And another resident only identified as Mr Fulunyemba said the indecent dressing by some women should be the concern of all women in the district.

He wondered what indecently dressed women really wanted from men, whether it was just sex, money, or marriages as they appeared uncertain about their lives.

Meanwhile, Chirundu district Aids Co-coordinating advisor Sianga Silumesi said that his office had enough condoms for free distribution in all public places in the district.

He said he had been on the ground to ensure that the customs building and lodges were stocked with mostly male condoms.


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