Lilanda family homeless …2 months after bus crashed their house



A LILANDA family is homeless after the owner of a bus that crashed and demolished their house reportedly failed to live up to his promise to build the Mwmba family a new house.
In an interview with The Sun yesterday, the family complained that the named company, whose vehicle rammed into a two-roomed house, completely razing it to the ground two months ago is failing to own up to their promise to build the homeless family a new house.
Rodgers Mwamba companied that he and his family were suffering because they did not have a home after incident happened.
Mr Mwamba said after the incident the owner assured the family that the company would build a new house for them adding that, for the past two months, the only thing they did was build five courses and since then nothing had been done.

“From the time my house crashed two months ago the owner of the company has not finished building our two roomed house as he promised he would. The only thing he built was five courses, it was done about two weeks ago, and from that time, the works have stalled. The is a serious challenge for us because we are not living together as a family as we have had to separate,” he said.

Mr Mwamba added, “The house which my wife and I are living in right now, the owners want us to move out because they want to rent it out because that is how they earn an income. They thought they could help because they thought the owner would build our house quickly and I have no source of income to pay rent. My Katemba which used to give me income was destroyed too.”
He said he had tried to call the owner of the company many times so that he could speed up the process but the man has not been picking up his calls.
Mr Mwamba sought help from Matero police officers who advised him to take the matter to court so that he could get proper assistance.


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