Retiree fined K5,000 for careless sex talk



A LUSAKA retiree has been ordered by the Matero Local Court to compensate his female neighbor with K5, 000 for defamation.

Ruth Momba, 33, of Apollo sued Fred Kangomba, 50, for accusing her of having sex with him. 

The two were appearing before magistrate Pauline Newa. 

Momba told the court that Kangomba and her husband were friends and the fake sex claims were made to her husband when she took her children to Ndola. 

“My husband called me and said that Kangomba had told him that we have been having sex.  I failed to go back home because he told me that if I did not buy summons for Kangomba I should not return,” said Momba.

Her husband Lewis Muvumbo, 40, told the court, that the reported steamy affair was bared on April 2. 

“Kangomba came to my house and we went out to drink, and later started shouting at three other men and after he was done he turned to me and said he has been sleeping with my wife,

“He said that in front of people.  I got my phone to call my wife and that time Kangomba ran away.  The men I was with said Kangomba was in the habit of destroying peoples marriages and that I was not the only person to experience that,” said Muvumbo

Muvumbo later went to his house and his wife started shouting at him, saying she too had heard about the sex affair.
At that point Kangomba stood up and wanted to fight Muvumbo who instead retreated his house.

A few days later Kangomba sent someone to come and apologize saying he was drunk and did not know what he was saying.

Kangomba told the court that it was Muvumbo who invited him for some drinks. 

“When we were out drinking Muvumbo told me that he heard that my wife and I do not have sex and that is how I got upset and said that’s why you fight with your wife. Otherwise I did not say anything else,” said Kangomba “.

Magistrate Newa counseled Kangomba that talking while drunk was not good, and that if he could not control himself, he should not drink at all.

“ In other words I am convinced that you admire how Muvumbo and his wife live, you will compensate his wife with K5,000 so that you stop talking anyhow” said Magistrate Newa



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