Court nullifies defamation case



CHELSTONE Local Court Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala has dismissed a defamation case for lack of evidence and advised the warring parties to live in harmony.
Ruth Banda, 28, of Kaunda Square sued Edwin Chembo, 32, of the same area on allegation that he called her a prostitute for no apparent reasons.
She said Chembo called her a prostitute because of chips her friend asked from him.
“It was on the 8th April around 21:00 hours when my friend and I went to buy roasted chicken at a bar in Kaunda square.
“While waiting for it to get ready, Chembo came to buy chips and my friend asked for some. It was at that point that Chembo went to his friends and shouted that, ” I bought chips but those prostitutes have taken your shares’. I was surprised because I am not a prostitute,” she said
She further told the court that, after hearing insults she confronted him and that was how he kicked her and both ran to the police where they were both detained for causing noise.
In submission, she told the court that all she wanted was for Chembo to tell her why he called her a prostitute in public.
In defence, Chembo said he did not kick her but the friend whom he met for the first time tried to get chips from him without permission.
“They came at a braai stand where I was and grabbed chips from me without permission and as a normal person I couldn’t see it safe because I don’t even know them I as only met them on that very day,” he said.
The court however reconciled the parties because both were hiding something and did not come out clearly.


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