Wife refuses to reconcile with her negligent husband



A LUSAKA man has begged his wife to forgive him over the differences they have been having in their marriage.
This heard in a case in which Kwalombota Aikayo, 42, of Chainda had sued his wife Christabel Chembe,33, of Mtendere for reconciliation.
Aikayo told said he got married with his wife in 2006 and they have two children together while dowry was partly paid.
The case was before Chelstone Local Court Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala.
“My wife used to go out on weekends without my consent and sometimes she returned home in wet clothes, smelling beer and when I ask her she tells me to mind my business,
“One time I checked her handbag and I found family planning pills, I asked her why she was taking those pills and she told me to mind my business again ,her favourite line of activity”, said Aikayo.
He further told the court that his wife was no longer staying with him as she moved out of the house with the children since February.
“This is when I am seeing my wife today in court since February when she moved out,” said Aikayo.
In defence, Chembe said she did not want to reconcile with her husband because he did not provide anything at home and did not care about the family.
“I have been paying rentals on my own for three years and I buy everything at home, food inclusive. And despite doing all these things he still calls me a prostitute,” she said.
She further told court that her husband beat her, and at one point he beat her in the naked in the presence of her children.
In submission, Aikayo said he was sorry for everything he had been going to his wife and wanted her back, but Chembe refused to reconcile with him.
Court ruled a failed reconciliation because Chembe was not willing to be reconciled and advised either party to sue for divorce.


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