Chief Chipepo appeals for calm – following the killing of headman Tambale



CHIEF Chipepo has appealed for calm and peace among the bereaved family members of the late headman Ephraim Tambale who was beaten to death by an angry mob on Friday in Chirundu district.

He told the Sun that he was praying for the bereaved family for comfort from God over the loss of their loved one and called on them to wait for justice as the law took its course.

Chief Chipepo said he had been summoned by the Chiefs and traditions affairs ministry to give an account on what really transpired.
He said that the late headman Tambale will be accorded a chiefdom burial in Lusitu and assured mourners that there would be no violence.
Chief Chipepo said what happened was very bad among the people who were supposed to co-exist as brothers and sisters.

He said more videos and audios would be uploaded to see the actual people who murdered headman Tambale.

“Murder is a serious crime in Zambia and it is unfortunate that those who entice others to cause violence are quietly sleeping in their homes,
Meanwhile, the nephew of the late headman Tambale, Dickson Moonga said the family was still waiting on the police to guide them.

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