A LUSAKA filmmaker’s love for ‘fresh blood’ has landed him in serious trouble after the Matero Local Court ordered him to pay K10,000 for impregnating a juvenile.

Samuel Ngoma, 45, a farmer of Lufunsa sued David Mbanga, 25, for impregnating his daughter.

The case was before magistrate Pauline Newa.

Ngoma told the court that on three occasions his relatives went to Mbanga’s family home, but they denied their relative was responsible.

“In February 2019 I was called to say my daughter was two-months pregnant. They wanted to take her to the man’s house, but I denied. They took the news to the relatives about three times but they were chased,” Ngoma testified. 

“The third time I told my relatives to go and leave her there, which they did but they brought her back saying they would sit down when Mbanga returned from South Africa.  On March 14 they sat down and Mbanga denied the pregnancy saying he had just slept with the girl in December,” Ngoma said.

But Mbanga denied having an affair with Ngoma’s daughter.

“She’s just my friend and she has never been my lover. She would come to my place at awkward hours to charge her phone.  I only had sex with her in November. They brought her to my place and said the pregnancy was one-month old,” Mbanga said.

The girl told the court that she and Mbanga had sex a number of times at his home.

“You are refusing the pregnancy but she has pointed at you. You will pay for damage. You will compensate [Ngoma] K10,000 since you did not get permission to sleep with another man’s child,” magistrate Newa ruled. 

She ordered Mbanga to maintain the pregnancy and apply for a DNA test after the child was born.


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