Leo, Moz-B, Telem take music to Mothers in Prison


Terence Miselo writes

Musician Leo Muntu of the formerly Black Muntu partnered with Andre Entertainment alongside artistes Moz-B and D-Boy Telem to take entertainment to Chimbokaila Correctional Facility-Women’s Section on Mother’s Day last Sunday.

The three artistes joined organisers Andre Entertainments and various partners such as Lulu Daka, Muna Mudenda and Ray Mwamba in taking donations, love and care to mothers in prison. This has been Andre Entertainments ongoing project which started in 2017.

“We have been doing this for some time now. As Andre Entertainments, we work with various partners and on big days like Mother’s Day or Youth Day, we always spend some time with prisoners and take various donations to them. We are grateful to the artistes and sponsors like Pembe Milling that has always been willing to help us,” says Andrew Zulu, C.E.O of Andre Entertainments.“Artistes have always played an important role in this project as they offer free entertainment and interact with prisoners on these special days we have been there. They also offer some form of counseling and motivation.”

Zulu announced that his team will move to Katombora Prison in Livingstone this weekend and share various items and donations from well-wishers.

“On Friday, we are off to Katombora in Livingstone. Being winter, we are thinking of the young people there. We are taking warm clothes, foods and other items. We will also work with artistes to go and offer their usual entertainment and motivation. For this reason, we appeal to the public to offer support and donations of old clothes and anything they can help,” said Zulu.

Meanwhile musician Moz-B, who spoke on behalf of all the artistes, said he was always willing to help and reach out to charity. The Copperbelt-raised artiste who recently released a new single, ‘Buffalo Nazanda’ believes artistes in general must take a leading role to help the needy.


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