Let’s respect, preserve marriage


THE institution of marriage is the most important social unit of any society.

Its sanctity must therefore be preserved.

Any society that allows the family unit to break up is headed for serious social problems, which have the potential to affect even the economy.

Each day we are publishing stories about married people cheating on their spouses without any scruples.

Local courts are flooded with cases of aggrieved and distressed spouses seeking compensation for adultery, reconciliation or divorce.

The high number of divorces that we are witnessing in our local courts countrywide is a reflection of the decay that has permeated our society.

Marriage is no longer cherished as a God-given opportunity for people to live fulfilling lives with members of the opposite sex in a life-long relationships.

The root seems to be the weak foundation on which most marriages are being built today.

It is disappointing that even couples who have lived together for as long as 25 years divorce as a result of infidelity.

This is unhealthy for a country with a population of less than 20 million.

The future of this country largely depends on the preservation of the family unit.

As a social institution the family is the pedestal on which Zambia is expected to pursue its personal and collective socio-economic aspirations.

It is therefore worrying that pages of newspapers are daily being choked with stories of disintegrating marriages.

Why are married men and women no longer flinching from committing adultery?

The consequences of such errant behaviour does not only affect the cheating spouses but also impact on the children negatively.

Apart from the stigma and embarrassment they suffer among their peers the children also pick up wrong social values concerning marriage.

Children growing up in a home where there is no peace, where cheating is regarded as normal, will pick up the same behaviour and cheat on their spouse without shame in future.

Let us go back to our African values and embrace the Christian principles surrounding marriage.

After all we are a Christian nation.

We at the Sun have noticed that courts have been trying their best to save marriages and help estranged couples to reconcile but their efforts should only be complementary.

Those who have chosen to live together as husband and wife have the duty to do everything in their power to ensure the marriages hold.

They must be an example to their children and the younger generation at large.

A strong family unit is a symbol of a strong nation.

Zambians must take the institution of marriage seriously.

Marriage counsellors should also help by giving aspiring couples a strong foundation on which to build families.

Churches should have strong family life departments, with trained marriage counsellors, and conduct regular Bible studies on the sanctity of marriage as a holy institution incepted by the Creator Himself in the Garden of Eden.

Weak marriage unions lead to a divided and unhealthy nation.

We are therefore appealing to all Zambians to respect marriage.

Those who are not ready for the demands and challenges that come with this sacred partnership should wait until they are ready.

God bless marriage, God bless the family!      


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