Club Amnesia 2nd Anniversary gets big turn up



 Several musicians and entertainers turned up for Club Amnesia Night Club’s celebration of its 2nd Anniversary that took place last week on Saturday. The show which attracted a huge crowd was all designed to fulfill the Club’s desire to be Lusaka’s number one venue for Zambian music and culture.

The show, which was themed in two categories of performances; live music and playbacks, was not short of the highly anticipated entertainment. Spectators started arriving as early as 14 hours for the show which was programmed to start at 17 hours. A long list of DJs was therefore on hand to keep the fans ready for what ended up to be the biggest night ever for the club. Hosts DJ W-Star and ManStan were on point and anchored the show that first began with music from DJ Olly then came in Bizzy Wizzy. Later, DJ Thrill took the music stands but that was only after the legendary singer Danny Kaya completed his set.

Danny who was the first live performer took the patrons back into time with his ever-stylish Mo Fire Band. His act was enough to fill the venue which was yet to witness further performances from the likes of Izrael, Kay Figo, HD Empire, Davaos, DJ Cosmo and the man of the moment T-Sean. All of these artistes had a wonderful performance and were supplemented by efforts from various surprise artistes including Layton from Xplosion Band, Bryan Kombweke, Ken One and many others.

The show dragged on and on with patrons minding as there was enough music, food and drink for everyone to enjoy. Management at Club Amnesia say the celebration of two years is as a result of unending support from the media and the artistes not forgetting the patron. The club promises lots of exciting events going forward.


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