SlapDee, Katongo 'feud': what are people saying?




The recent revelation by artiste Katongo Temba alleging that Mwila Musonda aka SlapDee shunned a video shoot for her song ‘ Tinafara’ , a collaboration between the two has attracted a huge following and debate. This discussion has not only affected the two artistes involved but has also forced several other artistes and music critics to air their views as they feel it has exposed the music industry.

To begin with, in her video to express her disappointment, Katongo states that she and her team had met all the contractual obligations to have XYZ’s front man in her video, on the other hand, though not publicly stated, SlapDee’s management have a different story. Further, as the story was getting the necessary attention, another twist to it emerged where rapper Bowcase also posted a video alleging what happened to Katongo was deserved as the songstress ‘ stole’ his song.

It is this difference that has made a number of people comment on the issue. Most of them feel, before artistes begin to work together, there must be clear contractual agreements and they must develop that musical chemistry.

“Don’t do songs when there is no chemistry.  Mind your (contractual) terms and first build a work relationship,” remarked one music critic. His words point to professionalism. Artistes have to be professional and repeat contracts.

Another view that mainly came out is the revelation that the industry is divided. Some people felt if Zambian music has to prosper, musicians need to develop a culture of working together. They felt established artistes like SlapDee and others must not be very demanding when it comes to helping others especially upstarts.

Most musicians who have commented on the issue feel it is important to promote togetherness and work towards a common goal. Yet still others feel SlapDee was right in his alleged stance as business is business. They also give examples of many artistes international or local who have done their videos single-handedly without their featured artistes.

Here are some views from the public compiled on Facebook relating to the matter:

“I’m an XYZ fan big time, but what KingSlap did to Katongo is trash, I am disappointed too,” Meky Lin

“You have more attention than you could have gotten from the video, it is alright be grateful,’ Alick Siwelwa.

“There is nothing we can do mum. We have reached at a level where, even when Slapdee is wrong, we are able to defend him,” Keegan Kangwa “Ni so che, instead of supporting each other,” Tripak Hughes Vinly


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