CRUEL HUSBAND SUED FOR DIVORCE …he forces me to sleep in the toilet




A LUSAKA man who forces his wife to sleep in the toilet has been sued for divorce by his wife in the Matero local court for cruelty and insults.

Sheila Mulenga, 28 of Zingalume sued her husband Basco Mukundi,36, of the same area for divorce

The two were appearing before magistrate Pauline Newa.

The two got married in 2008 with 3 children.

Mulenga told the court that Mukundi would beat her without any reason.

“Our issues started a long time ago. One day I woke up and did not find my phone when I asked him he denied any knowledge about it. A friend of mine had put her SIM card in my phone but Mukundi still refused to give it back. When we were arguing his phone dropped and the screen cracked. He beat me up for one full week,

“I sleep in the toilet at times when he comes home drunk. He insults me in front of children and even insulted my father. On a Thursday he came and said it is final today and he beat me the entire night until morning. The following day he packed my things and took them to my friend’s house,” said Mulenga.

Mulenga said all her relatives were no longerinterested in her marriage to Mukundi.

“I am not free with him. He says he would rather marry a prostitute than having me around as his wife. I just want this marriage to end,” said Mulenga”.

In defence Mukundi told the court that Mulenga denied him sex..

“She is my wife and I married her from Kasama, we lived well for some time but when I want to have sex with her she says she does not feel good sleeping with me and she goes to sleep on a chair. I spill water or urine on the chair for her to come back to the room,

“I gave her K1,600 to buy our child shoes but she did not buy them. The other day she broke my phone and went to sleep with the children in their room,” said Mukundi.

Mukundi said Mulenga later told him that that she wanted their marriage to end.

The matter comes up June 10 for continued hearing.


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