Man slapped with K10, 000 damage fine




A 21 YEAR old man of Lusaka’s Chipata compound has been fined K10, 000 for virginity damage and refusing to maintain his child.

Shepherd Siwiala, was appearing before Boma Local Court senior magistrate Contildah Kamono sitting with senior local court magistrates Juliet Mwila and Silvia Kabungo in a matter in which he was sued by Ireen Zulu, 51, of Chipata compound for compensation.

Zulu sued Siwiala on allegation that he slept with her daughter who was a virgin and impregnated her but he was denying responsibility.

“I discovered that my daughter was pregnant in March, 2018 and she told me that her boyfriend Siwiala was responsible. We went to his place to talk as a family but he denied being responsible and decided we go for DNA test,” said Zulu

In defence Siwiala said Zulu’s daughter was his girlfriend since 2014 when they fell in love and since then they had been having sex until 2018 when she told him that she was pregnant.

He further said that he slept with her in April, and he was wondering why she delivered the baby in October instead of December.

“I don’t know anything about this child because it is not mine, I am not refusing having sex with her on countless occasions but the child isn’t mine,” he said.

Key witness who is her girlfriend said Siwiala was the only man she has known since grade six when they started dating.

“I knew Siwiala when I was in grade six and he is the one who broke my virginity, I can even tell the court where this happened,” she said.

Upon hearing her statements, the court found that Siwiala was responsible for the pregnancy because he himself admitted that he has been sleeping with her since the beginning of the relationship, and in April they had sex.

It then ordered Siwiala to compensate Zulu with K10,000 as damage in  K350 monthly installments effective June month end.


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