Sewer leakages anger residents (Pictures)



SEWER leakages near Lusaka’s Kaunda Square Stage One market have angered residents who have appealed to the concerned authorities to immediately correct the situation.

One of the residents Chris Banda said the leakages posed serious health challenges, because they were near food shops and many other goods.

He said the underground pipe system for transporting sewage from the houses and other commercial buildings had busted, causing an overflow.

“We once had a meeting as residents with our area councilor on the way forward and he immediately worked on it but suddenly it has started again spewing sewer matter,” he said.

Another concerned citizen, Charity Phiri said sewer water could make people sick, gastro- enteritis which may induce vomiting, diarrhea and many more illnesses.

“This sewer leakage has overpowering smell, it smells more like rotten eggs, the ward councillor together with the council should do something about it because that’s their job,” she said.

And Mr Patrick Shimashela, another concerned resident, said the bacterial infestation in human waste could infect water and cause diseases.

 “Vimanzi ivi vadoti vinga tidwalike chifukwa nabana ba sobelelamo and ichi chi sewer chili pa fupi nama restaurants,”

(This sewer water can make us sick and children play in the same waters, restaurants are just a few meters away and this is worrisome)

“Ise kuno kuka Kaunda Square tipempa ba council naba councillor batayeko nzelu chifukwa ivi vintu vinunka maningi and vingalete ma tenda yambili,”

 (As Kaunda square residents we are asking for the councillor and the council to look into the matter because the sewer water smells badly and  it is near houses and the market where a lot of people do business and this can bring about diseases).


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