Family hides abused imbecile




THE mentally challenged woman from Rufunsa District, in Lusaka Province, who was allegedly sexually abused and had three children with her biological brother, has now been relocated to an orphanage for her own safety.


Investigations by the Sun Newspaper have revealed that Linda Kapandula and her three children were recently moved to Kasisi Orphanage in Chongwe district to wane off the shame on the family.

But the decision by Linda’s parents to relocate her has not settled well with some of the family members who want nothing other than justice to prevail in the matter.

“As a family, all we want is for the person who fathered the children with Linda to be prosecuted. That’s all,” stated a family member who did not want  to be named for fear of repercussions.

“Linda has been taken to Kasisi Orphanage. We do not know why the mother decided to take her and children there. We suspect she simply wants the matter to first die down before bringing her back to the village,” a source said.

The source wondered why Nelson Kapandula Jr., Linda’s biological brother whose DNA police said had matched with her three children, had not been taken to court yet.

The family member queried why the matter was taking long to go to court if the police already had the DNA results and a suspect.

The source said that the police told the family that the DNA matched with Nelson Jr who was later arrested by Rufunsa Police and transferred to Luangwa where he was detained for a month before being released on police bond.

“As a family, we are still wondering why Nelson Kapandula Jr is still on police bond if the DNA results pointed to him as the father of Linda’s children,” said the source.

“The case was supposed to go to court but he has been released when his actions were not good. Other victims in the village and surrounding communities when they are found in such situations they are arrested and save the sentence,” the source said. 

The source said this kind of revelation was a sign that there was communication between the police and family members who did not want the suspect jailed.

The source accused police of dragging the matter from the time the suspect was arrested in 2010.

The source said Nelson Jr was staying with his parents and he was only asked to be reporting to Rufunsa Police Station every Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Anex Lungu, the uncle of  Nelson Kapandula Jr who works for Rufunsa Town Council confirmed that he was the one who signed as surety   for police bond for at Luangwa police.

“Nelson Kapandula Jr was released on police bond and I am the one who signed for his police bond. I am not sure how long he will be on police bond because they are still waiting for the magistrate to visit the district, that is when he would appear in court,” he said. 


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