Emission of harmful chemicals in Zambia detrimental to the enviroment


Eastern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Josephat Lombe has raised concern over the use of chemicals that are harmful to the ozone layer.

Mr Lombe notes that the use of man-made chemicals such as hydro-Chloro-Floro-Carbon (HFCs) has been leading to a decline in the stratospheric ozone layer, and stressed the need to eliminate the use of ozone layer depleting and global warming substances.

He was speaking at a stakeholder’s meeting on the protection of the ozone layer in Chipata this morning.

Mr Lombe stressed the need to use safer environmentally sustainable alternatives and noted that Zambia is complying with the phase-out targets to reduce the consumption of all controlled substances.

He stated that government has undertaken comprehensive national phase out measures as a framework to control ozone layer depleting substances through the establishment of a national ozone unit, the development of regulation and the implementation of a number of refrigerant management plans, as well as community awareness among others.

Mr Lombe also noted that capacity building and the encouragement of the industrial sector, to switch to ozone and climate friendly equipment, energy efficient and alternative technologies, have also been prioritized by government.

Earlier, Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) Director General John Msimuko said his organization is committed to assist the country in phasing out of ozone layer depleting substances and the reduction of their impact on global warming.

Mr Msimuko said ZEMA is determined to enforce the environmental management ACT No.12 OF 2011 (EMA) and subsidiary legislation such as the extended producer responsibility (EPR).

The stakeholders meeting is part of the commemoration of the World Ozone Day which falls tomorrow, September 17.



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