STINGY NDALAMA HOLDS ON TO HIS MONEY, LOSES MARRIAGE …but claims his former wife has a spirit of poverty.




A STINGY man of 15 Miles who denied failing to buy food for his family and insisted that his wife has a spirit of poverty has lost marriage in a local and fined K6,000.

Costen Ndalama, 39 was testifying in a case in which his wife Sharon Chisulo, 33, sued him for divorce.

Ndalama married Chisulo in 2011 after paying dowry and they have two children.

Chisulo told Matero Local Court Senior Magistrates Miyanda Banda sitting with Harriet Mulenga that Ndalama was a land agent but when he found money, It went straight to his account and just buys a bag of mealie meal and a bottle of cooking oil.

She said in April Ndalama started coming home in a hired Taxi around 1.00 hours for three months and that after money got finished the situation got worse as he returned the following day.

She said Ndalama would leave home at 20,oo hours saying he was going to measure land and only to find him at the road in the morning and that he often attended funerals.

“Ndalama says that I should leave the house and just gives me K10 of which I will be eating vegetables for a week but I find him coming out of the restaurant removing meat from his teeth with a toothpick,’’ Chisulo said.

In defence, Ndalama said Chisulo talked a lot and that she could even cause a person to be arrested for nothing.

He said at one time when there was no relish at home Chisulo reported him to Police.

He said he bought food only that Chisulo had a spirit of poverty adding that sometimes she doesn’t talk to him for a month.

‘’I take money into my account because Chisulo refuses to make a budget and at one time when I was rushing for a  buyer I gave her K5000 to keep but she threw it on my head saying she cannot be keeping my money,’’ Ndalama said.

The court noted that Ndalama did provide adequately for home but he was seen at restaurants eating meat, adding that the fact that he did not sleep at home showed that there was no love.

The court granted the couple divorce ordering Ndalama to compensate Chisulo K6000 with initial payment of K500 followed by monthly installments of K300 and to be paying children maintenance fee of K300 per month. Households acquired together to be shared equally.


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