THE Chelstone Local Court has granted divorce to a 20year old woman of Lusaka’s Kalikiliki Township without compensation after she insisted on quitting her marriage.

Mary Mukanaka,20, a businesswoman sued her husband of one year James Njovu,23,  on allegations that they have been having disputes in their matrimonial home for a long time.

Mukanaka told presiding magistrate Kennedy Mwansa Mutale sitting with presiding magistrate Mary Namangala that Njovu beats her and tells her that she was ugly.

She told the court that the two got married in 2018 and have one child while dowry was partly paid.

Mukanaka said Njovu beats her a lot without considering the operation she has and also often told her he regretted marrying her.

“My husband tells me that I am ugly and a dirty woman and he is regretting marrying me, because he feels shy to even be with me in public and wants a beautiful girl but he doesn’t buy me clothes to be looking nice,

“He doesn’t eat my food, whenever I serve him and he breaks the plates or put boom paste in the food. He accuses my family of practicing witchcraft. I want divorce because he might kill me one day,” Mukanaka said

In defence Njovu said he still loved his wife and was not ready for divorce.

“I don’t even know why I am here because whatever she is saying is not true. I don’t beat her but we do have misunderstandings in our home,” he said.

He said whenever they quarreled she packed her clothes to leave for her mother’s house.

He said families had tried talking to them and even used a marriage councillor to help but all had been in vain.

The court granted them divorce without compensation but ordered property should be shared equally.


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