Wife who took to the bottle sued for divorce




A 38 YEAR OLD man of Lusaka has sued his wife for divorce alleging that she drinks too much beer and does not respect him.

This is a case in which Dickson Bwalya, 38 of Mtendere Township sued Bertha Ubema,32 of the same area for divorce.

Bwalya told Chelstone Local Court presiding magistrate Mary Namangala sitting with presiding magistrate Kennedy Mwansa that the two got married in 2006, have three children together and dowry was not paid. He said he decided to sue his wife of 13years for divorce because she drank too much beer and whenever she got drunk she resorted to insults.

“My wife could go to drink beer for four days and leaves the baby crying at home, whenever I try to stop her she gets angry and we would start quarreling .She does not have respect for me as a husband and insults me whenever she’s drunk,

“She has a boyfriend, who buys her beer, at one point I got her phone and when I checked I found messages and calls, we talked and I forgave her,” he said. Bwalya said all what he wanted was divorce because he was tired of warning her but did not want to change.

In defence Ubema told court that she stopped drinking last year.

“I used to drink beer but now I stopped. My husband beats me whenever we have a small misunderstanding and insults me in the presence of my children,

“It is now six months without sex, he doesn’t even touch  me and we face different directions when sleeping,” she said.

She however said she was not for divorce because she still loved her husband.

But the court dismissed the case because dowry was not paid and there no was marriage between them as the two were merely cohabiting.


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