NYAMINYAMI: Chief calls for emergency ritual prayers at the Kariba DAM


A Zim chief has called for emergency ritual prayers at the Kariba DAM to appease the “NYAMINYAMI” Tonga river god.
Local Traditionalists believe the receding of water at the Kariba DAM Hydro-electricity scheme is as a result of NYAMINYAMI’s disapproval of the rehabilitation the Damwall being carried out by a French construction company, Razel BEC.
The Chief believes once the rituals are done, the ‘god’ will release the rains to fill-up the lake and Dam.
The locals recount that at time the Kariba DAM wall was being sealed Nyaminyami’s wife was below Kariba Gorge “visiting other people of the Valley, to answer their prayers and bless her people.
“‘Nyaminyami will one day break the Dam wall and reunite with his spouse” they say.


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