Farewell Shimpanzi



Messages of condolences, grief, farewell and tribute have continued to pour in as the Zambian industry mourns musician George Mulowamusically known as Shimpanzi who died on Wednesday in Lusaka after an illness.

The name Shimpanzi is associated with a number of songs that reveal his great mix of talent in songwriting and catchy vocal ability.

He is the man behind various songs among them, “Nanga Why (Campaign)” featuring the late P’Jay.

He may not be known by many because he was much of a songwriter than a singer but the few songs he recorded and did have had a huge impact.

He wrote some songs for the likes of Judy, B1, B-Flow, Organised Family, Uncle Jah and others to name only a few.

He is believed to have co-written B1’s popular hit ‘Kwa George’.

Other songs he is associated with in terms of writing include Ucle Jah’s ‘Gonga’, ‘Osabisa’, Organised Family’s ‘Nkuku Na Nkanga’, and many more. By the time of his death, he had worked on a number of songs like ‘Extra’ that were meant to feature in his 2020 project. He also did a ‘ Mosi’ anthem that was also planned for the unofficial promotion of the Most Day of Thunder.

Saddened by  Shimpanzi’s demise, a number of people close to him and those that worked  with him have shared different memories and messages to bid farewell.

“Really sad losing such great talent. Shimpanzi go well my brother, just a month ago we were planning on a Kopala visit ati ‘kaale Ba mudala zo ona,’ May your soul rest in peace,” stated music promoter Ba Yoka from Copperbelt.

Club Amnesia owner Manstan Choongo famously known as DJ Manstanwrote, “All I can say George is that you are a star. Keep shining on us. You are a hero. A young Legend and a loving brother.”

Musician Cas G has also paid tribute to Shimpanzi saying, “So saddened by the passing of our brother Shimpanzi. May his soul rest in peace.”


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