CBU under strict COVID-19 check

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FOLLOWING the re-opening of the institution, the CopperbeltUniversity (CBU) management has set strict COVID-19 preventive measures as students braced themselves for commencement of the learning programmes.

Over 1900 final year students from across the country successfully registered at the institution in Kitwe.

Institutions of learning were in March this year closed after the country as one of the corona virus preventive measures.

CBU which re-opened on Monday resumed classes following the directive from Higher Education Minister, Brian Mushimba, to allow the learning programmes to resume at the institution.

CBU Head of Public Health, Nawa Sanjobo, said university management

and staff were working hand in hand with the Ministry of Health to ensure that students were protected against the corona virus at all costs.

“Preliminary measures such as forming a task force that will respond to any suspected case including an isolation facility for students that will display any symptoms of the virus has been put in place,” Mr Sanjobosaid.

He urged all the students to strictly adhere to the public health measures set by bit the institution and the ministry of health.

All students and members of staff, he said, would use face masks and practice social distancing while hand-wash facilities had been provided in strategic points of the institution.

The university management would ensure that students maintained at

least one metre distance in classes where they were also expected to wear face masks.

A check at the institution by the Daily Nation showed that there were reduced numbers in the hostels, which in the past were filled to capacity.

According to information gathered, all students and members of staff would mandatorily wear masks all the time while those who may not have would be provided with the protective wear.

Entry to the institution, located in Riverside residential area, was restricted as all entry points were manned by security officers.


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