Zesco projects reduced load shed



ZESCO has projected a reduction of load shedding times of between four to eight hours from October to December this year due to improved inflows of water into the Itezhi-Tezi Dam among other projects expected to be commissioned.

In a speech, the Minster said for sport to develop in the country, it needs key stakeholders to support athletes such as those who have made donations.

WIPPD-19 system, which is expected to ensure a more predictable and consistent load management schedule, categorises the various stages of load management ranging from 0 to level six.

Zambia, with a power deficit of about 810 megawatts, is currently at the level three of load management per day translating into right to 12 hours.

The projected reduction of load shedding programme has been necessitated by the increase in power generation at Kafue Gorge upper power station and Itezhi Tezi Dam, says Zesco Managing Director, Victor Mundende.

“The 750 megawatts Kafue Gorge Lower flagship project, to be commissioned by end of November 2020 will significantly lessen the current power deficit and pass on the benefits to our customers,” Mr Mundende said yesterday in Lusaka at a press briefing.

He said the development was supplemented by the consistent positive performance of small hydro power stations dotted in the Northern parts of Zambia.

“Going forward we will give a projection of next year, we are seeing load shedding easing up. The Kafue Gorge lower, we are commencing commissioning in October, if all things are equal according to our plans. We will be commissioning one machine after the other.

“There are five machines, one machine rate at 150 megawatts of power, we are expecting and hoping that we will commission the first machine by end of November, thereafter, every monthend we expect to bring on board one machine,” Mr Mundende said.

Zesco, Mr Mundende said, was determined to ensure there was sufficient power for all economic activities.

He said with massive infrastructure investment undertaken by Zesco in the last 10 years, the corporation was on course to realizing its vision of being the hub of power trading in the region by 2025.


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