Chitimukulu proposes a stop to fish import

Chief Chitimukulu

PARAMOUNT Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people has observed that if the youths who are energetic can engage in various forms of agriculture especially fish farming, the country can stop importing fish from other countries.

The Paramount Chief has also urged the youths in Northern Province to start investing in various forms of agriculture which he described lucrative venture.

ZANIS reports that the Paramount Chief said this when a Kitwe based  farmer, Chilekwa Mwamba paid a courtesy call on him to  explain  his plans to embark on a program aimed at empowering youths in the Province with agriculture skills.

The traditional leader stated that the agricultural sector is the biggest employer in the country, adding that youths in the province should take advantage of the untapped potential in the sector to engage in farming.

Chief Chitimukulu charged that the agriculture sector is among the areas that has vast potential to boost the country’s economy hence the need for youths to venture into it. 

“Investing in agriculture will also help reduce the dependency on mining as well as address some of the challenges such as unemployment in rural areas,” the Chief noted.

The Paramount Chief has therefore, commended Mr Mwamba for his initiative, stating that it will help inculcate skills in youth thus, helping reduce unemployment levels in the province.  

“This initiative will encourage youths who are small scale farmers to increase their production and graduate to medium scales given the vast fertile land and good rainfall pattern,” the chief added.

The Mwine Lubemba added that Mr Mwamba’s initiative of empowering youths will see a number of youths become productive farmers who will contribute to the food security of the country. 

Meanwhile, Mr Mwamba said he has come up with the initiative to help address the challenges of unemployment that youths in Northern Province are grappling with. 

Mr Mwamba stated that for the program to be a success he will not involve politicians, but instead work with traditional leaders and church leaders.

He has since advised youths to take advantage of the program once it starts being implemented.

Mr Mwamba has since pledged his full support and commitment towards mentoring and equipping youths in the province with the needed skills in various forms of agriculture.

And a Kasama youth Mubanga Kafula is happy with Mr Mwamba’s initiative of empowering youths in the province with skills in farming and also in the diversification of crops away from maize to other yields.

Mr Kafula has since advised his fellow youths to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge that will not only benefit them, but also change agriculture practices in the province.



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