Kafue duo in docks over assaulting neighbour



TWO men of Kafue have been dragged to court for allegedly assaulting a neighbour hence causing bodily harm.

Appearing in the kafue magistrate court before magistrate Moffat Phiri was Staywell Choonya and Gift Muchindu accused of beating Elias Kabwandu without any proper reasons.

It is alleged that on 20 May 2020, the duo jointly did assault Elias Kabwandu, 40, of Mtendere compound by beating and kicking him with a Planck.

Witness said it was around 16:00 hours when he was coming from work, he then decided to pass through town and came back around 19:00 hours.

He reached Choonya’s house found the wife outside who called to him but he did not stop because it was late and was rushing home. The wife insisted that there was something she wanted to ask.

He then decided to stop as they stood by a dark corner, and not less than a minute later two people appeared towards him from nowhere but as he tried looking behind he found the person he was with had ran away.

“The two men started beating me and stepped on my right ribs, as if that wasn’t enough, they took me to their house and started beating me again. They called my wife so we can talk,” he said.

He said he was later taken to the police and the following day taken to the hospital to be treated because he had sustained some internal injuries and was experiencing pain.

The matter comes up today for continuation of trial.


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