Luanshya Council procures tipper truck


LUANSHYA Municipal Council has procured a tipper truck from locally generated funds to enhance waste management and road maintenance in the district.

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda said procurement of the tipper truck was a timely move considering that the local authority was striving to put in all necessary measures in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic.

He was speaking when he commissioned and handed over the tipper truck to management during the councils’ Keep Zambia Clean Green and Healthy exercise held in Roan township.

Mayor Chanda added that the local authority had in the past experienced challenges in the implementation of cleaning programs with regard to garbage collection and hence the need for a tipper truck.

He further said garbage collection was a costly venture and therefore encouraged residents of Luanshya to continue working with the local authority by paying various fees and charges they were obligated to as this would enable the council to maintain the equipment and be able to purchase more in future.

And the Municipality’s Town Clerk Timothy Mambalakata thanked the mayor for his exceptional and visionary leadership explaining that it was him and his Councillors that saw the need to enhance service delivery and hence made a decision to procure a tipper truck well in advance.

Mr Mambalakata added that the local authority was struggling to keep the town clean and healthy but with the tipper truck, there would be no excuse because it would enable quick respond to waste management problems.

He said procurement of the tipper truck was not only a response to the Mayors call to keep Luanshya clean but also Governments call to keep the entire Zambia clean.

The Town Clerk further assured the mayor that the procured tipper truck would be used for its intended purpose and be guarded jealously.

Speaking at the same event area councillor Mrs Veronica Chitalu thanked both the Mayor and the local authority for considering to buy the tipper truck.

And Councillor Elizabeth Mulenga said the truck would enable the council to improve garbage collection in the district.

Others are Councillor Stanslous Mukuka who urged residences of Luanshya to play their part in keeping their surroundings clean and appealed to them to join the local authority during the cleaning exercise held every last saturday of the month and avoid the spread of diseases.

Meanwhile, Councillors in Luanshya have complained and threatened of taking to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and other relevant authorities a Supplier who has failed to deliver a brand new garbage compactor despite paying him an upfront of 75% through the Province Administration for almost a year now.

Others who others who attended the function were deputy Mayor Golden Mulenga, cllr Chisha, Cllr Siuluta, Cllr Kasonso, Cllr Katulwende, managment and staff of Luanshya Municipal Council and the residents among others.



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