7 cobs land man behind bars



THE Choma Magistrates Court has sentenced a 34 years old man to three months in jail for stealing seven cobs of maize worth K14.

This was in a matter in which Chris Limwaya of Choma’s Zambia Township was facing two counts, Theft and Assault contrary to sections 272 and 248 of Chapter 87 of the Penal Code of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence in count 1 are that Limwaya stole 7 Cobs of Maize all valued at K14 the property of Jackson Kafwimbila.

In Count 2 it was alleged that he assaulted the said Jackson Kafwimbila and thereby occasioning him actual bodily harm.

The  incidents occured on 11th March 2020 in Choma.

When matter came up for Facts before Senior Resident Magistrate IdahMupemo in respect of count one which he admitted, Limwayaconfirmed that the statement read to him was the true reflection of what happened.

According to Facts dictated by Public Prosecutor Pearson Chilumbu, the accused was apprehended around 21:00hrs in the complainants field plucking cobs of Maize.

Despite being a first offender and the value of the stolen Maize being small, Magistrate Mupemo sentenced the accused to 3 months in jail with hard labour in order to deter would be offenders as Theft cases have become rampant.

The Court then discharged Limwaya in the second count after the State applied to have the matter withdrawn.

Limwaya’s sentence was effective 29th June 2020 and his right to appeal within 14 days to the High Court was read to him.


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