K30m Youth Empowerment Scheme targeting arts – Chitotela

Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela

THE K30 million Youth Empowerment Scheme that the Head of State announced during his address to the nation is meant for Artists and not Activists, Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela has clarified.

The Minister who was representing President Edgar Lungu at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Ordination Service of Pastor TarrowMubanga and Michael Mfula at Fordina Pandeli SDA Church in Mansa, Saturday, observes that there have been a lot of queries of whom the money is meant for.

He notes that the funds are meant for artists that are in performing and non performing art such as gospel, secular artists, those in craft work among others.

He has since called upon the church to participate by forming co-operatives so that they can heal the economy that has been hit by Covid-19.

Mr. Chitotela states that Churches such as the SDA have contributed a lot to gospel music and have been called upon to participate in national development by taking advantage of the youth empowerment programme targeting artists.

Mr. Chitotela further says government appreciates the Church’s non-partisan stance and its stance on education and health that helps the people in communities.

Meanwhile, Seventh Day Adventist Church Northern Zambia Union Conference President, Pastor Samuel Sinyangwe says the SDA Church in the Northern Zambia Union Conference is grateful to the Head of State for the road infrastructure development.

Pastor Sinyangwe notes that the road from Kawambwa to Mporokosothrough Chimpempe Mission which is being tarred will easy movements thereby making businesses easy.

He adds that the Church is thankful to Government for connecting power to Chimpempe Secondary School.

Pastor Sinyangwe says with such notable developmental projects in the area it is a sign that development will thrive.

He has since pledged the Church’s continued non-partisan stance and that the church will continue to pray for government so that it succeeds in its development agenda that will better the lives of Zambians.


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