Soldier fined for sleeping with his junior’s wife



A STAFF sergeant of commando barracks in Ndola has been fined K5,000 by a local court for flirting with his junior’s wife.

The adulterous affair was discovered after an exchange of text messages between the two secret lovers.

In this matter, Friday Muleya 32, a corporal in the Zambia Army sued Clive Ha’amonga a staff sergeant for adultery.

Muleya told the Ndola main local court that he had found text messages on his wife’s phone which showed proof that Ha’amonga was exchanging sex messages with his wife.

He added that the two planned to have sex after he was sent to Kafue for operations.

Muleya told the court that the two used to go out before he married his wife, but was not aware that they had continued meeting even after he married her.

“I just want to know why a senior officer would want to destroy my marriage after being fully aware that she was a married woman but he still went ahead and had sex with her ,” he said.

In his defence Ha’amonga told the court that the woman in question was his ex- girlfriend and she was the one following him and sending people to ask for money on her behalf.

He said at some point she called him and told him that her husband would be going to Kafue and that they should have the time of their lives.

Ha’amonga admitted that he responded in the affirmative to have sex with the woman as her husband left for duties out of town.

He said the mistake he made was to agree to their sex meeting that was what had landed him in court.

“I made a mistake because I replied to the texts from her and told her that I would enjoy having sex with her but I later blocked her number because I did not want to have anything with her,” he said.

He told the court that after that response he regretted his action and he blocked her number because he was a married man too.

And the woman in question, Nancy Makanta 24, said Ha’amonga was her ex- boyfriend and suspected her husband to have sent the text message to dupe her former lover because he was the one in possession of her phone.

Makanta said it was surprising that her husband had even take the matter to court when he was much aware that the man in question was her ex-boyfriend and the two were not together anymore.

“I am a married woman now and I was taught to keep and respect my marriage I would not do anything to hurt my husband,” she added.

Makanta said her husband had reported the matter at work where he told her to accept that she was having an affair with Ha’amonga.

She added that because she wanted to save her marriage, she accepted everything and after the meeting she was sent packing.

In passing judgment senior presiding magistrate, Elizabeth Banda, ordered Ha’amonga to compensate Muleya K5,000 in monthly instalments of K500.

The court said it was clear that Ha’amonga had been sleeping with his work mate’s wife whenever he was away.


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