31 year-old commits Suicide


A 31-year-old man in Chasefu District in Eastern Province has committed suicide for unknown reasons.

Chama Nlonga of Mbonela village in Senior Chief Magodi’sarea took his own life by taking a cotton pesticide whilst in a drunken stupor.

Speaking at the funeral house today, Mbonela Village Head Chilibwe Gondwe, who is also Luwerezi Area Councillor, said that the incident happened on Friday between 18:00 and 19:00 hrs when Chama took a poisonous pesticide. 

After being rushed to at Kanyanga Rural Health Centre, Chama died around 22:00 hours upon arrival. 

According to headman Chilibwe, the speculation is that his family members refused to give him transport money to travel to Kafue to attend a funeral of his nephew.  

The headman narrated that the elder brother had sourced K1,000 transport money for Chama, but it was not enough as Chama was supposed to travel back with his two younger brothers from Kafue to Chasefu district after attending his nephew’s funeral. 

He lamented that as an area councillor, he has lost an energetic young man who was also an ardent supporter of the ruling Patriotic Front in Chasefu.

“The death of Chama has created a big gap that will not be filled not only to his family but also to the party as he was the Patriotic Front (PF) supporter,” said headman Chilibwe. 

Chama is survived by a wife and a child, adding that his body has since been buried after the local police instructed the bereaved family to do so.



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