Hubby kills wife, himself

...After retrieving her from unlawful marriage

Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo


A 22-year old man identified as Sunford Hakalobo has allegedly killed his 23-year old wife who had run away from him and got married to another man in Nyawa area in Zimba District before taking his own life.

According to police spokesperson, Esther Katongo, the police in Monze picked up two bodies of a young couple who were found dead at a lodge after the two had a misunderstanding.  

Ms Katongo said Hakalobo and  his wife, Lizie Chola aged 23 years  were found dead at Candle Light Guesthouse in Kalundu area of Monze District on Sunday, July 12 around 07:00 hours.

She said the matter was reported to police by Adunia Phiri aged 41 years of Kalundu Village in  Monze District, a relative of  the deceased.

Ms Katongo said Mrs Phiri reported to the police that her two relatives namely male Sunford Hakalobo aged 22 years and Lizie Chola were found dead at Candle Light. 

“This is suspected to have happened between Saturday 11th July, 2020 at about 20:00 hours and Sunday 12th July, 2020 at about 07:00 hours.

“Initial investigations have indicated that Sunford Hakalobo who was working at one of the farms in Serenje District followed his wife alleged to have run away from him and got married to another man in Nyawa area in Zimba District,” she said. 

She explained that Hakalobo was said to have been accompanied by Mathews Mwila aged 26 years, brother of Lizi Chola. 

After retrieving her from the purported marriage, she said, they decided to spend a night at the lodge. 

Ms Katongo said in the morning of Sunday July 12, the man was found gasping for his life and later died while his wife was found dead in a toilet located outside the lodge.    

She said Police visited the scene and picked up the two bodies and deposited them in Monze Hospital mortuary.

‘’Struggle marks at the scene were observed and it is suspected that the wife could have been murdered and dragged into the toilet by the husband before he killed himself as it is alleged that the couple had a quarrel before going to sleep,” Ms Katongo said.

Ms Katongo said investigations have continued to get to the bottom of the matter.


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