Adherence to trade laws vital, says Zambrew boss



SMUGGLERS should stop importing goods illegally into Zambia and start adhering to international trade laws as their activities are detrimental to the country’s economic development.

In a EuroMonitor report of 2018, it was revealed that tax revenue losses through illicit alcohol market, in Zambia increased from US$50 million in 2014 to US $145 million in 2018, the largest contributing factor being smuggling.

Smuggling robs the country of the much needed revenue, says Zambian Breweries Country Director, Jose Moran.

Mr Moran stressed that smuggling was detrimental to Zambia’s economic development and called for an end to such illegal act.

“Smuggling is not only illegal, but robs the country of the much needed revenue for economic development. So, stop smuggling, and start adhering to international trade laws,” he said in a statement.

Mr Moran therefore commended the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) for its spirited fight against smuggling of alcohol into the country.

He said his company was proud of the revenue collector for championing the war against the illegal movement of alcohol and other goods.

Mr Moran noted that Zambian Breweries stood together with ZRA in condemning smuggling in Zambia. In the last week of July, 2020, the ZRA fought running battles with smugglers at COMESA market in Lusaka after it intercepted a truck carrying smuggled alcohol.

“We are delighted that ZRA has taken the bold step of clamping down on this illegal activity. It is not an easy fight, but it is a praiseworthy move,” he noted.

“Together with ZRA, we strongly denounce smuggling alcohol in and out of our country.

Our dream, as the country’s largest brewer, is to see a better world; a smuggling-free Zambia,” Mr Moran emphasised.

The country director also urged ZRA to continue fighting the illegal activity for the betterment of the country.

“Our country depends on you for timely revenue collection. Please continue doing what you do best and we shall all win this war against smuggling,” he said.

Earlier in the month, the authority destroyed various illegally imported goods valued at more than K1 million at Chirundu One-Stop-Border-Post.


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